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I invite you to review the first mineral product in my beauty collection!

Roses, cosmetic adored by women, because the right fantastic animates every complexion. Gently przypruszona the cosmetic, healthy, youthful blush. Face, as using the magic wand, beaming. I admit that the guests in my vanity case just a few years. As a teenager, I had the opportunity to come into contact only with the typical pink color pink. My face accentuated cold, saturated shade of pink, simply seemed face rural girls, przemęczonej hours of work in the field of beet. The effect was unnatural. At the time, to the application of the zraziłam pink-so I decided that this is not a product for me. Explore your passion for makeup, I discovered that the colour pink should be adjusted to the type of beauty. Woman with a bright, alabastrowej skin and dark, sometimes kruczoczarnych hair is a cold beauty type. In this case, to highlight the cheeks use a cold hue of pink. My complexion is very light, but heat from the yellow podtonem, hair in the Sun and eyes, blonde dark-green. Check out zakret-Miss spring!  Cheekbones should be so selected in the color of salmon, peach or apricot.
My last choice was brzoskwioniowo-pink mineral blush Lili Lolo in Clementine.
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
Product description
Peach-pink blush creamy, satin finish. Perfect for all skin types. As Clementine gives a very subtle effect, ideal to highlight the natural blushes. Pink:
  • does not contain oil and irritating chemicals, nanoparticles, Parabens, tlenochlorku bismuth, talc, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances and preservatives;
  • its formula is long-lasting;
  • is a natural and gentle;
  • its texture is light and silky smooth;
  • gives you a subtle finish-faster effect can be achieved by applying several layers of the product;
  • non-comedogenic
  • 100% natural.
The composition of the
The capacity of the
3 g
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
My opinion
Rose came to me packed in a cute, small, neat, white carton. In the middle was a small neat jar with strainer metering a small amount of the product. Smaller size sitka prevents excessive spillage to cosmetic. Frosted lid packaging looks very elegant. Unfortunately, like all matte plastic, quite easily any spoilage. 
The color pink has proved to be a very hit: warm, a perfect balance between the peach and pink. Do not I would agree with the manufacturer that the shade is delicate. According to my opinion seems to be heavily pigmented, intense. From the imposition of the product on the brush, it's not hard to get exaggerated the effect. Minimized the size of the sieve, effectively prevents extraction of too much pink.

After contact with skin, pink flower pink formula instantly turns into a velvety, smooth, creamy texture, which is very easy to distribute on the cheek.

Mineral finish pink Clementine is dull, so stresses any imperfections on the skin. Mat this is not full-when you change the lighting you can see that Pink is satin, with the consequence that, looks very natural.
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
A summary of the
My first encounter with cosmetics mineral określiłabym as successful. Pink mineral with its properties captivated me so much that I have immeasurable wants to continue the further adventures with the brand name Lili Lolo. The color of the Clementine turned out to be a hit! Its peach-pink shade perfectly invigorates my complexion. I think it would great with any skin tone. Matt-satin cosmetic works well for my, as bug wendal complexion. Zaryzykowałabym statement that blush looks like a natural. Thoughtful product packaging, helps bring out the right amount of it. Price, unfortunately, does not belong to the lowest. Consolation it turns out that certainly roses I have for long months, because it is very efficient. The use of pink we have until 2 years. Using it in everyday makeup, can I be sure that you choose the best quality. My conscience is clean, because the skin free to breathe and her condition does not deteriorate. I admit that I wish I had that I branded Lili Lolo much earlier!
Lili Lolo Mineral Blush Clementine
Do you use mineral cosmetics?
Which of these are your darlings?

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