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Free flowing powder fixative, Laura Mercier, stole hearts makeup enthusiasts around the world! Welcome to the review.

Cosmetic powder, which from time immemorial in beauticians million women around the world. I once had the task of bleach sunburnt face, today for a matte finish, smooths and brightens and perpetuates the face makeup. Its use is an indispensable part of my makeup-step, which never quite gets around. Nieprzypudrowany a primer and Concealer under the eyes are a great opportunity to do not stay on your face throughout the day. Primer may start to unsightly shine and wipe off, equalizer and will highlight the wrinkles under the eyes, do not. Finish powder, is a necessary component of any makeup! In the case of oily skin, you must przypudrować your entire face. People with mixed, normal or dry skin can do only in the T-zone. Concealer under the eyes, you must persist regardless of the type of skin.

The beneficial properties of the powder discovered already being in junior high school, when my mixed skin light up like a light bulb. At that time, helpful cosmetic proved drug powders powder. Over time, however, I came to the conclusion that the best non powder on the market, is rice powder Kryolan Anti Shine Powder. After many years of struggle with a shiny complexion, I was able to finally tame it. For about 5 years I no longer need so strong that. Continue my skin is combination-oily skin quite heavily in the T-zone. Today I put on powders such as Rimmel Stay Matte and Soap & Glory Kick Ass, Instant Retouch Pressed Powder. My last discovery turned out to be famous all over the world, free flowing, transparent powder Laura Mercier.

From the manufacturer
Invisible on the skin, matches all tones the skin easily and effortlessly glides on combines with the skin. Leaves a smooth, soft finish. The unique properties of light scattering to help get the effect of soft contours. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for all skin types. Dermatologist and allergy tested. Non-comedogenic. An oil-free. Does not contain talc.
The composition of the
Silica-absorbs oil and improves skin appearance;

borosilicate-aluminium-simulates the effect of soft contours.

My opinion

Laura Mercier powder, the powder makeup fixative. To his main tasks should not be fogging skin. My face after a few hours starts to naturally shimmer. Excess sebum can, however, easily take on the handkerchief or make a small amount of powder to dull the glowing area on the face. The skin looks natural even after repeatedly adding powder during the day. Product actually does not appear on the face. Transparent color is suitable for any skin tone, adapts to our skin. This is what distinguishes it from other known to me or powder, is a result which leaves the face. Like no other free flowing product, smoothes the skin. Features actually are softened. The structure of the skin is not underlined, but noticeably fuzzy. As promised, the manufacturer, the powder does not clog pores. To use is trouble-free. Gives the impression of a very light, nieobciążającego and niewyczuwalnego.

A summary of the

Much loved by make-up specialists, Laura Mercier powder, perfectly perpetuates the makeup. Like the power of the magic wand, smoothes, softens the features, leaving it slightly improved. Glides into the skin. It is completely invisible. Great with any used my background and the equalizer. Przypudrowana the skin under the eyes seem very smooth. Bronzer and blush, which I add after oprószeniu face powder, exceptionally well to rozcierają, not creating any stains and streaks. Positively surprised properties that, I know why powder is considered to be the best stabilizer powder all over the world!

You know the brand of Laura Mercier?
What are your favorite powders?

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