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I invite you to review an innovative curling iron Ruby Auto Rotating Curler.

Like any woman, I like from time to time change the hairstyle. I do not, however, too much swirling barbs. The image, in conjunction with makeup, seems to me to be much exaggerated. Most decide to light, romantic waves, which add significant volume to volume and look very natural. Stylish women are characterized by the fact that they look chic and fresh, but maintain moderation. Their hairstyles are not intricately styled, but gently highlighted and matched to the way of being.
At the time, when to give stevia, and then purchase as necessary accessory for your hair, as the curling iron, Irresistible Me proposed me to test any product in their store (click). I decided on the curling iron Ruby Auto Rotating Curler.
curling iron
curling iron
From the manufacturer
Curling iron has an innovative rotating, ceramic barrel that has the function of automatic recovery the previous position. It curls every time you come out silky, smooth-perfect. Diamond coating increases their service life. During the filming of the curling iron temperature remains constant, so working with it is fast. In addition, the curling iron has additional features:
against Frizz hair-technology with negative ions, leaves hair smooth, silky, shiny;
fast heating-curling iron heats up less than a minute;
temperature control-the maximum operating temperature, is 210 ° c/410 ° f;
Intelligent LED display indicates the current temperature;
stand-allows you to position the hot curling iron on the table.
My opinion
Curling iron came to me from New York in a beautiful, velvet, black box. In the middle was the above device, and user manual. First thought after seeing the curlers, was that it looks very elegant, beautifully and solidly. Placed on her heart theme very to my liking.
Function rotated barrel surprised me the most. I had no preconceived notions about this kind of function in hair styling. Hair ends simply tighten with a short clips, and then select Word wrap (left or right). After a few seconds, actually appears eyes, perfect lok.
Fast heat-up will appeal mainly to anxious women or this forever to śpieszącym. After about a minute, curling iron is ready to work.
Every woman caring for your hair will appreciate the temperature control function, with which you can adjust the ideal level of heat curling iron for your needs, whether your current hair condition.
Diamond coating actually makes the curls are very smooth and silky. Fortunately, I don't have a problem with puszącymi hair, not so I can evaluate the curling iron in this respect.
Another advantage of the curling iron is that it is very light. Its power is just 50W. An extremely convenient feature turned out to be a 360 ° swivel cord located at the base of the device. The power cable has up to 2, 5 m.
Curling iron has 1 year warranty use.

Curling iron

A summary of the
Curling iron Irresistible Me, Ruby Auto Rotating Curler very positively surprised me. Innovative, rotating barrel much easier: strands of hair wrapping yourself saves time and our energy. After the end of the hair, my hands no longer "swoon". Using it you can create regular curls, and more natural appearing frizzy wind, waves. Temperature control ceramic barrel and wet diamond hole shell, help keep your hair in good condition, reducing the process of their destruction to a minimum. Speed heating makes use of her with pleasure. Stand for the free position it on the table, is another asset. Curl life określiłabym as comparable to the life of other such devices styled. Backlit LEDs and rotating power cord, in addition, decide that a curling iron Ruby is the product of an extremely elaborate and luxurious.
Current price of curling irons is $95.
You can purchase it here: Irresistible Me
Wielbicielkom waves or curls, with a clear conscience recommend this product!
The curling iron is a fantastic ♥♥!
And you, shooting hair? 
What are your favorite?
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