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As the opponent sunbathing on the Sun and in tanning, I invite you to a sincere review of samoopalającej foam to the body!

My awareness concerning the harmful effects of sunlight on our skin has grown a few years ago. I do not remember when was the last time a tanned skin! I do not understand people who spend many hours in the Sun without sunscreen. It is well known that abuse of the Sun dramatically accelerates the aging process of the skin, as a result, the collagen fibers. Disregard for Visual reasons, I can understand as opposed to conscious increase risk of burns and stroke, which can result in cancers of the skin.
The adventure of samoopalaczami I started a few years ago. Was testing cosmetics cream, mousse or spray. I have some experience with this kind of cosmetics. Very nice surprise turned out to offer test foam samoopalającej pHenomenal colour Medium by Vita Liberata.
Vita Liberata is the brand that offers exclusive self-tanning preparations containing organic active ingredients to ensure that our skin Tan and comprehensive care. The use of revolutionary technology Moisture Locking, Odour Remove, drying effect upon contact with the skin, natural color and perfect fading Tan makes Vita Liberata brand products are the most technologically advanced in the world.


FROM: with highly advanced technology pHenO2, pHenomenal wraps the skin long-lasting, sexy Tan. Foam guarantees light and full of air application; dries quickly. Extracts of plant and nourish the skin and natural Tan. Extraordinary simple use of pH affects the durability of the Tan.
RECOMMENDATIONS for USE: do not moisturize the skin before applying the product. Use a special hobby or latex gloves to protect from dirt inside your hand. Apply on the skin with circular movements. For optimum durability, rinse the skin after 3 to 24 hours after the first application and apply a bronzing product once again. All you need are 3 applications for 2-3 weeks.

MY RESULTS: I put the Foam 3 layers on the right foot. The left leg was left without the product in order to accurately compare the obtained effect. After each application odczekałam from 3 to 24 hours, before zaaplikowałam. The image of each of the individual layers on the skin is pictured below:

From left to right: 1 layer, layer 2, layer 3.

My opinion: to test product Vita Liberata I approached with a large distance, not expecting extraordinary results. What most surprised me during the first application of foam pHenomenal was the fact that the foam away it leaves on the skin Brown, tanned colour, so carefully I saw where it was imposed. I've never encountered this kind of product! Staining of the skin during application, is amazing to facilitate this. On the skin carefully, you can see which places need a colour, or a more accurate measuri

ng. The second distinguishing feature foam pHenomenal from other known to me so far of self-tanning cosmetics, is the complete lack of smell! Anyone who once dished out on your skin Tan, know what can it be unpleasant, long-last

ing fragrance. Tan color is natural, making the impression of a hot Beach in tropical climates. Absolutely is not visible that it is artificial Tan. Skin looks healthy and rad

iant. Foam formula, it's perfect for use in the summer. MUS is very light so that it dries quickly, so there is no concern that will flow from the skin under the influence of high tempera

ture. Durability foam is comparable to other known to me of self-tanning products. Imposed on my skin in 3 layers, remained tawny color by a week's time. After a week you can still glimpse the delicate Tan, but it is a very subtle effect, requiring supplementing. A few days after the application, during the bath and stained water. This fact does not, however, contributes to a noticeable color blednięcia. Astonishing is that the foam comes off very evenly. Artificial Tan fades in exactly the same degree as in the case of Tan. The foam doe

s not dirty clothes.


SUMMARY: foam samoopalająca pHenomenal Vita Liberata surprised me in a very positive way! Staining of the skin during application amazingly makes me her application. I don't have to worry about the creation of any streaks. The glove included, the application is fast and non-marking. The resulting effect is natural. Total lack of smell makes it my new favorite product! Keeping the skin up to 3 weeks, however, is quite exaggerated. After a week since the imposition, suntan on my skin requires in order to deepen the color. Life I would describe as standard. Noteworthy is the fact that the foam does not dry out the skin, but as promised the manufacturer, nourishes it. 

Foam pHenomenal deserves the attention of every cares about your skin in a woman who likes the effect of suntanned skin. I wish I had found it earlier! Its application is a pure pleasure. The effect which leaves the skin określiłabym as phenomenal. This product deserves a gold medal! Be regenerated natural tanning, we recommend the foam pHenomenal all conscious women wishing to brownish-Golden Tan nothing of the Caribbean!
The product is available in Sephora stores (click).

Once again, I would recommend you this product!
Or perhaps did you meet already its benefits on your skin?
What do you think about artificial Tan lines?
Feel free to discuss.

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