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NTC COLLAGEN before after

Increasingly popular nanotropocollagen NTC, he was finally in my hands. From a cosmetic that I wore great hopes. Or stole my heart? I invite you to read!

From: collagen is the major structural protein in the human body. The largest quantities of collagen in the human body are in the skin, which is ok. 70% of all proteins, with the consequence that he is responsible for the health of our skin. 
For the structure of the skin to the greatest extent correspond to the collagen fibers, forming the matrix, in which are other active ingredients-such as melanin or hyaluronic acid. Collagen fibers are subject to constant change in our body. With age become weaker and more susceptible to mechanical damage, as well as chemical transformation, which leads to a weakening of our skin. After the age of 25 processes collagen synthesis are becoming slower and run out of it in the human body, and those losses are the most visible on the skin. In the fight against ageing skin care should be primarily about the right amount of collagen.
The basic unit of structure of collagen is tropokolagen. It arises in fibroblasts and after their leaving in the space of the DermIS is combined with other tropokolagenu molecules, forming a network of collagen fibres.

NTC COLLAGEN before after

tropokolagen-tropokolagenu nanoparticles through the skin into the DermIS and there form a grid of collagen, which is a scaffold for cell renewal;
melanin-a natural pigment, to neutralize free radicals in the skin that destroy cells, contributing to the aging of the skin, it protects the natural skin against UV radiation;
hyaluronic acid-an essential component of the skin, that having the binding capacity of water molecules, allows you to maintain proper moisture levels, gives the skin elasticity and firmness, which leads to a reduction of wrinkles.


The role of tropokolagenu in the skin:
-wrinkles-tropokolagenu leaks reveal themselves visibly in the form of wrinkles. NTC effectively slows down the aging process of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for smoothing wrinkles;
discoloration-tropokolagen is responsible for correct placement of the melanin-pigment, which is too much in one place causes discoloration. NTC evens out skin, especially mature skin;
-stretch marks-tropokolagen has elastic properties, thanks to which the skin is growing too fast changes cause its extension, so are spindle-shaped band on the skin. NTC supports the treatment of stretch marks is responsible for smoothing the Red scars, so stretch marks are visible to me;
wounds and scars-these are the damaged Collagen fibers that are rebuilt by included in the skin tropokolagen. NTC accelerates the healing of wounds, and organize the collagen fibers reduces the appearance of scars after caesarean;
-dry skin-tropokolagen fully scaffold for hyaluronic acid, which deficiency in the skin causes it to excessive dryness. NTC has the ability of penetration in deeper parts of the skin, so deeply moisturizes and improves water management;
cellulite-tropokolagen maintains the structure of the fat cells, which the incorrect placement causes cellulite. NTC actively supports the fight against cellulite.
NTC COLLAGEN before after

From me: Tropokolagen I received in the framework of cooperation with the company NTC in order to minimize the visibility of dark spots and acne scars. I was assured that the cosmetic this great deal with this condition, which is based on evidence, such as tests on a group of people with similar skin problems. For a month the time wykonywałam prescribed me. collagen peeling, and then by patting the gel aplikowałam, until completely absorbed. This action lasted very long, because still I felt uncomfortable to download the skin. After about a week of use, I noticed a significant deterioration in the condition of my skin. With each passing day traded breakouts. So I continued to use makeup for a few days. The State of the skin has improved. I went back to the daily application of the product. The situation repeated itself-again there has been a deterioration of the skin. I had no doubt collagen NTC clog! My disappointment was really great. Never felt so negative reaction to my combination skin to none of the amenities. Certainly it is not a product created for combination skin, oily, acne prone skin and problematic.
In conclusion, in addition to light moisture, did not notice any positive results on your mouth. Perhaps the month of daily use, this is the time too short, to note any improvement of skin condition. Time consuming application of the gel does not encourage long-term use. The deterioration of the skin, by clogging the pores, prevented me convinced that this is a product worth a look. I suppose that the product call for people with dry or normal skin. We strongly advise against the use of the ladies whose complexion is problematic and willing to clogging. Tropokolagen NTC, that's my big disappointment!


What are your observation about use tropokolagenu NTC?


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