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You are a blonde with very fair skin? All bronzers tend to be too dark? If so, be sure to check out what I think about the cult bronzerze HOOLA.

How important is the bronzer in the makeup, they know only very pale. The rule of makeup is to first choose the Foundation in a shade of our skin or tonnes lighter, and then add her natural facial features with other amenities, such as: bronzer and blush
Bronzer I already for many years. It is necessary under each kosmetoholiczki. My face, uniform background in an even tone my skin, it looks like the face of the person affected, which immediately will go to the hospital. To prevent this, I apply a bronzer. I add it to the cheekbones, forehead and nose, sometimes on the jaw. In this way, the face looks like it naturally tanned, healthy and radiant. The rest of the face perfectly matches the colour neck and neck, so makeup seems to be a lot gentler.
Each bronzer which so far I seemed to be too dark. Lay my hands it so in the minimum quantity. The last, which I used was bronzer W7 Honolulu. This is a very good, cheap cosmetics, about which many of you certainly have heard. The effect gave on my face fit more for the evening. By comparing the bronzer with Benefit from bronzer with W7, wysuwam that 
Hoola bronzer:
-is much brighter, in tones reminiscent of the Tan Blondes;
-much easier to spread his consistency is almost like butter-extremely easy to blendować;
-After a few minutes, blends into the rest of the makeup so that you do not see exactly its clear boundaries.
Packaging: carton, is Cosmetic, a square box with a mirror. In the middle there is also a small brush, which can be obtained equal to the line under the cheek bone, and then spread it to others. The packaging is not too elegant, rather amusing, colorful, slightly frivolous:).
Benefit HoolaBenefit Hoola
Texture and color: powder is very silky. When the application on the brush you will notice that a bit to pyli-is less dense and dry than bronzer W7 Honolulu. Very easy to put on, not creating any streaks and spots. The color is suitable for Browning face and its structure. This is a universal, natural, light, cool shade of Brown, but not flat. Does not contain any glitter particles. It is incredibly heavily pigmented.
Benefit Hoola swatches
Hoola, benefit
Durability: Once applied, is the mouth all day. 
-the price;
Summary: Hoola Bronzer is today, my favorite. Ease of blending and a nice, light, natural color make it I want to use it every day. The effect of what we want to achieve, you can graduate. It is remarkable that so perfectly blends into the rest of your makeup. His consistency deserves a gold medal! To be honest, I recommend it to you:)


Did a little inspired You to test? Or maybe you already know and love, like me:)? Be sure to let me know what you think about it.

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