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Primer Nars Sheer Glow has the same opponents how many followers. I'm into the second group. Be sure to find out why! I invite you to review:)

Primer, this is my favorite type of cosmetic. No eye make-up will not look well at nieujednoliconym in an even tone skin. Choosing the right is extremely difficult for me. Usually zaopatrywałam with great enthusiasm in the more popular art, including that of oniemieje:) Unfortunately, usually the first thought that came to me after the purchase application is to: ' What? This is the hit? ".
This time it was totally different! Excited, I put the Nars Sheer Glow on the face, and I felt that this is it! Wow-I thought, and then I started to look at each side. Smiling I said to her husband: "see how it looks. Is perfect! " Confirmed:)
The lining I've discovered thanks to bloggerce's cure-all product originating in Portugal-Camila's Figueiredo Coelho. Sometimes telling it on YouTube. I noticed that to some extent we have a similar type of skin, I decided to try. I ordered a sample, then I could not wait to get a full-size package:)
Camila Coelho
Camila Coelho
Now it is our common favorite:)
From: Nars Sheer Glow brightening primer, with a natural, radiant finish, whose opacity can be built. Whitening formula leaves skin hydrated, more luminous, soft and smooth. Used daily, improves the texture of the skin and lightens. The product is intended for normal and dry skin. Contains powerful antioxidants that protect from the harmful effects of free radicals. Extract of turmeric gives glow and improves skin tone. Dermatologist tested. Does not cause blackheads. No odor.
 Consumer test results:

in 100% of the skin was soft and smooth;
 in 96% of those polled was aligned with the skin tone;
96% of respondents recommend Sheer Glow to your friends;
92% of respondents say that the skin looks brighter and more radiant.
From me: the first feeling after applying the primer was that it is very light and pleasant. Imposes it easily and quickly. Its opacity is average, at 2, 3 layers of full, comparable to the opacity of the Revlon pleasure balm stimulating gel. Primer immediately after application has a matte finish. Does not contain any glitter particles. Seems to be quite dry. At the beginning of the puzzled me why primer does not light up. It turned out that the longer it is, the more beautiful it looks like. Mixed with the sebum actually illuminates the face. However, it is the illumination of very subtle, natural, obvious. In the light of the day face looks very nice and bright. As promised, the skin is soft and smooth. Most importantly for me – really improves the texture of the skin! It is smoothed. The pores, acne scars are not underlined. For my combination/oily skin is perfect. After a few hours, the face starts to glow in the T-zone, looks even better than immediately after application. I'm not sure that would be a good primer for dry. Dry, and a neat and tight damp-Yes, dry-do not. Best for normal and combination skin.
Colour: My color is Siberia. This is the lightest color in the offer of Nars. Contains a yellow pigment. Shade is perfect for me. I never had so well well matched color! I am delighted with it.
Nars Sheer Glow Siberia
Nars Sheer Glow, Siberia
Durability: Though the manufacturer that does not select, trestle is long-lasting. Superimposed on the base and przypudrowany, it looks like the whole day almost pristine.
Packing: in carton contains glass bottle with a black matte lid. Unfortunately, the lack of the pump-primer need to flush. It can be purchased separately, do not overlap unfortunately already on her Cap.
Nars Sheer Glow
The pros:
-subtle sparkle-effect satin;
-perfectly blends with the skin, does not create a mask;
-the average opacity right for me;
-leaves the skin soft and smooth;
-improves the texture of the skin-smoothing;
-shiny look on his face;
-do not clog pores;
-long on the face;
-do not dry out;
-easily and quickly spread, not dries into a;
-a large range of colours.
-no push-ups;
-high price;
-do not moistu
rize;-might emphasize dry skins.
Summary: Nars Sheer Glow is cosmetic. By far this is my favorite! Beautifies my capricious complexion, not highlighting her imperfections. The color of Siberia is perfect for me. Very bright, yellow tones. Distribution of it is not a problem. Do not write that I recommend it, because each of us has a different skin type, it needs something else. This is my discovery of the year!
If you have similar expectations for me, be sure to grab a sample:)

1. Without a primer. 2. With background. 3. A full face makeup.

NARS SHEER GLOW before after



NARS SHEER GLOW before after

Or pokochałyście it as much as I did:)?

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