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Britney Spears Fantasy Midnight
What smell? I invite you to review some of my favorite perfume:)

That woman does not love the beautiful fragrances? Personally, I do not know of any. No wonder, since each neat woman of all time was always pleasant to smell. I love the perfume! I don't know, what the most: whether for the nice experience for my sense of smell, or maybe for the wonderful flakoniki, which entertaining daily application and decorate a dressing table.
My current favorite is Britney Spears perfume Fantasy Midnight EDP. When you select them absolutely not I to the works of the well-known singer, although I can not fail to mention that with 7-10 years old, I was a huge fan of this artist. I collected all the posters, newspaper clippings and danced non-stop (Yes, dancing is my unfulfilled passion) to her most popular hits. It was absolute love!
Perfumes have been issued quite a long time, because in December 2006. This is the dress version of the Fantasy series. 
The smell is very mysterious. Juicy fruit extract leads by the temptation of continuous sniffing them. Dark amber crosses with sensual musk that I love, creating a seductive evening fantasy. This sweet smell beautifully develops during the day. These perfumes are definitely strong, suitable for ladies who like fresh and delicate fragrance.

Fragrance notes: 

head notes: raspberry, black cherry, plum 

heart notes: IRIS, Freesia, flowering Orchid

Base Note: amber, vanilla, musk

The durability of this perfumed water is really admirable. Sprayed body smells until the bath.
Noteworthy is also the original violet-blue bottle in the shape of a sphere. On the surface there are crystals imitating the stars in the dark sky. Perfectly it features password: Fantasy Midnight. I really like the look of the bottle. Nothing short of fabulous fantasy land …
My packaging is 100 ml. Perfumes are valid 36 months of opening.
I received them as a gift. Cost per 100 ml. 200 PLN.
In conclusion, the scent of Midnight Fantasy, it's a very tempting and attractive proposal for the brave women. Interesting combination of sweet fruit, flowers, musk, vanilla and amber, makes this fragrance point out both men and women. Ideal for the autumn-winter aura. I use them all year round, because I like such a strong, distinctive and long lingering odors.
Do you know of this smell? Polubiłyście it as much as I do?
Britney Spears Fantasy Midnight

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