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I invite you to my review last increasingly popular primer Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body.

With this background I heard about 3 years ago on YouTube. Flattering reviews have made it full of enthusiasm I bought it right away.
Description: a primer on the face 12 hours. On the face of it looks like naturally, do not move, but is on the spot. Gel, light texture hides any imperfections of the skin, acne scars and surgical, moles, spots and varicose veins. It has SPF 15 (mineral filter-titanium dioxide).
Suitable for postsurgical as directed by your doctor. Developed and tested in collaboration with surgeons and dermatologists.
Me: Actually backing is very light, creamy. Gives skin a matte finish.
Effectively hides skin imperfections, but not all. Blemishes, birthmarks, sun spots, moles, freckles, capillaries-hides very well, but not 100%. Can't cope with covering the atrophic acne scars. To some extent, smoothes, but stresses the enlarged pores, which I consider a big minus. On the mouth remains indeed very long intact. On my combination/oily skin looks quite dry, it is not a primer for dry skin. The lining is best applied with fingers.
Colors: Background is available in 6 colours. My-11 very light, is the brightest from a wide range of. This color is beige, neutral, with a little pink tone. Despite the fact that I prefer tony yellow, nicely stapiał the shade of my skin.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover, swatches, 11 Very Light
Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover, 11 Very Light
Packaging: tube dark blue with a golden stopper looks very elegant. Product out of it without a problem. I have to admit that this kind of packages very well to me.
The pros:
-lightweight, well behind the consistency;
-long on the face;
-smoothes out;
-performance (a drop of grain size of peas just to cover the entire face)
-do not dirty;
-nicely blends with the skin;
-very easily and quickly imposes-has good gliding;
-possibility to build up opacity;
-ability to apply cosmetic procedures and surgery;
-SPF 15.
-high price;
-does not conceal acne scars;
-stresses the dry skins;
-enters into the pores;
-2 layers are visible on his face.
Summary: Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover is the lightest and best coverage Foundation with which they met. Background very well hidden, but only pigmentation changes skin. If you have acne, hyperpigmentation, freckles, this may be the perfect Primer for you. Can't cope with acne scars, and therefore I am him slightly disappointed. For the price of almost £ 200 I expected almost a miracle. Unfortunately highlights the time and excessive dryness of the skin. For people with a perfectly smooth skin. The largest it plus I find it very easy and quickly imposes. However, this is not my ideal, do not buy it again. I recommend you first reach for the sample. 

If you know the background, how to check on You?
Soon, I invite you to review the primer, which much more charmed me:)

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