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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Vibrant, saturated color and velvety finish, is one of the many advantages of this lipstick. I invite you to review:)

When I started my adventure with makeup, always placed on highlighting the eyes and covering up skin imperfections. Lips poświęcałam not too much attention. Typically, land on them clear lip gloss or Lipstick beauty. Mascara living with lips seemed to me to be too flashy, so rezygnowałam with a strong accent on them, until I found a matte lipstick Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Surprised me its incredibly lightweight, nice and straight overlapping formula. Of course the effect creates on the lips he put me in a stupor! As mentioned it is dull. The feel of silky smooth lips, which looks very elegant. Obliquely truncated applicator promotes successfully applied without having to use lip liner. All colors are very intense, especially in contrast with my clear skin.
The only minus about which I cannot fail to mention is the durability. The manufacturer guarantees that the lipstick long. I can't agree with this. Yes, it is on my mouth intact for a long time, but only when I do not eat nor drink. If you are looking for durability not to wear out I recommend Revlon time original Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. However, it is not so comfortable to wear as Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet.
Product is in a spectacular, glass, rectangular container, which makes it look very luxurious.
Always when I emphasize the mouth of this barely-there, I feel like a refined Lady. It gives me confidence, seriousness and courage. And this is what I love makeup: every day you can look quite different, but every time the same beautifully.
The cost of the lipsticks, it's ok. £ 10/£ 9.
In his collection I have gathered 3 colors:
  • 04 Peach Club-crimson red perfectly suited to spring type of beauty;
  • 07 Nude-ist-dark, subdued, dirty pink;
  • 09 Happy Nude Year-the brightest of these, the natural color of pink.

Whether you fell like?

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, swatches, Peach, Nude-ist, Happy Nude Year
1. Peach Club, 2. Nude-ist, 3. Happy Nude year
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, swatches, Peach, Nude-ist, Happy Nude Year
           1. Peach Club, 2. Nude-ist, 3. Happy Nude year                   




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