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Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Are you curious what are the pros and cons of this database? I invite you to read:)

The first time I used the base under makeup a few years ago, when I received free samples. It was the base of Dax Cosmetics Cashmere. Glancing in the mirror, I saw a very smooth skin. Wow effect! I remember that I got a few compliments about my skin. I realized then that the appropriate base is more important than himself. Since that time, I was looking for the perfect makeup until I came across base Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer-a very well known and liked by make-up artists.
This is a non-silicone base that extremely smoothes pores, scars and any irregularities in the structure of the skin. In addition, perpetuates and extends the service life. With my mixed towards oily skin, this is very important. Thanks to her, keeping unchanged all day. Not kidding! Makeup on so the prepared skin is much less visible, it is better to spread.
Typically, the possessor of the problematic skin, avoid like the plague cosmetics silicone, for fear of its agglutination. I also I was quite convinced that this is rather intended for special occasions. I thought: why unnecessarily burden the skin? My fears were completely unfounded, since I never once it all day wear, not met with any new eczema. This is the huge advantage that makes it a product that you can use every day.
Performance is another argument for which it is worth to buy this primer. Base Dax Cosmetics Cashmere touched bottom very soon.  It is for this reason that invest in only one of her full-sized packaging. In the Smashbox simply squeeze her just a little on the tip of your finger to cover the entire face. I have it for over a year, and not zużyłam even half of the package.
Database of Smashbox Photo Finish, this product really luxurious. I recommend it to those women who are struggling with extended seasons or simply enjoy the perfect makeup.
The only drawback is the price. I bought it in Sephorze for ok. 180zł. Rewards, however, its stunning performance!


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